The Emerging Church - Proclaiming The Gospel

The Emerging Church - Proclaiming The Gospel

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DVD by Roger Oakland

BIBLE PROPHECY INDICATES that the last days before Jesus Chris returns will be characterized by a time of great deception. Based on current trends, it appears that the one-world government, the one-world economy, and the one-world religion predicted will soon be here. However, in the midst of this scenario, God is calling Bible-believing Christians to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the only hope to the world.

The Emerging Church-Part Four: Proclaiming the Gospel in the Midst of Last Days Apostasy, Roger Oakland provides the documentation to show we are living at the very time the last days spiritual "strong delusion" is underway. While documenting the dangers and pitfalls of the Purpose-Driven, emerging, and contemplative "Christianity," Roger encourages Bible-believing Christians to boldly stand for the truth and to be witnesses for Jesus Christ. This presentation will to understand our times from a biblical perspective.

Important topics include:

  • Last Days Spiritual Deception in the name of Christ
  • Prophetic Warnings from old Testament prophets for our day
  • Jesus Christ warned about the day in which we live
  • A global ecumenical social gospel is an enemy of the gospel
  • A bloodless gospel is being promoted that denies the cross
  • The timeless gospel according to the scriptures is our only hope
  • Jesus is coming soon!
  • Are you ready?

Roger Oakland is an author and lecturer who speaks internationally on a variey of topics relating to the Bible and science, the defense of the Christian faith, and the deception the Bible predicts will characterize the last days.

Running Time: Approx. 70 minutes


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